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The two most exciting space exploration programs: You’ve probably already guessed that SpaceX leads the way.

SpaceX is the world’s fastest-growing provider of launch services and has over 100 future missions on its manifest, representing over $10 billion in contracts. These include commercial satellite launches as well as NASA and other US Government missions.

Using the BFR, SpaceX aims to send the first cargo-only mission to Mars in 2022.
The objectives for the first mission will be to confirm water resources, identify hazards, and put in place initial power, mining and life-support infrastructure.

A second mission, with both crew and cargo, is targeted for 2024, with primary objectives of building a propellant depot and preparing for future crew flights and ultimately being the first humans to step on Mars.

Introducing Starlink

The world’s most advanced broadband internet system

With a global network that exceeds the performance of satellite internet, Starlink will deliver high speed internet to locations not possible before.

The constellation will consist of thousands of mass-produced small satellites, working in combination with ground transceivers. SpaceX also plans to sell some of the satellites for military,scientific, or exploratory purposes.

At end of life, the satellites will utilize their on-board propulsion system to deorbit over the course of a few months. In the unlikely event the propulsion system becomes inoperable, the satellites will burn up in Earth’s atmosphere within 1-5 years.


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